Diocese of Rochester webpageHow to present tabular data (from Excel) in an interesting and dynamic format on the web?

This was a question we faced for a web project we developed (with Diakonia) for the Diocese of Rochester.

Excel on the Web?

Their problem was that they had undertaken a mapping exercise which recorded the activities offered throughout the diocese, and these results had been stored on Excel.

The goal was to roll out the results via a web page, but how could this data be translated to a web page.

The Solution

The solution was first to import the Excel data into Access and then manipulate said data (using PHP) to produce a tabular based webpage.

Then, with the help of JQuery, the tabular data could be:

  • made sortable
  • converted into bar charts
  • converted into pie charts (using Google charts)

The final result can be found at the Rochester Diocese Community Engagement webpage.