We were involved in a data migration with A2Dominion who were migrating data from a combination of systems to Civica's UH system.

As part of, and to simplify the migration process, the decision had been made to archive some of the data prior to the migration process; but the organisation still needed access to the archived data so as to answer tenant queries etc.

What was done

From a migration perspective the solution was to roll up transactional data prior to a set date into a "B/F" figure and add scratchpad notes directing users to where this data could be found. Historical repairs data was not transferred although notes were added against the property entities to indicate that archived repairs existed.

The archive data was dumped to a SQL Server database, with a flag indicating the source of said data (which source database) and a web interface developed to enable users to access this archived data.


The attached document details the solution we developed for this client, which is essentially a generic rents/repairs enquiry system.

This solution has been adopted at several of our housing customers as it provides an inexpensive means of archiving data whilst still supporting full query access.

A2 Web Archive