An interesting project was the development of a web based (intranet) sales order processing (SOPS) system for Civica Ltd.

Choice of Technology

The brief was for a solution based around (classic) ASP and a MS SQL Server backend, as this best fit with the client's existing applications and ease of internal future support and enhancements.

The final solution was a combination of classic ASP web pages, incorporating Javascript XML-Dom (Ajax style) functionality, with a backend Microsoft SQL Server database.

What we did

Having been given a broad customer requirements brief, and working closely with client's internal business systems teams, we then proceeded with the design and development of the system. We were responsible for all aspects of the development process, including:

  • database design (tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers, views)
  • user interface design
  • subsequent coding (combination of ASP, Javascript, HTML and CSS)

This was a 15 month project (2-3 days a week) which went live in mid-2007. 

What next

The SOPS system was a great success, and has been adopted througout the group.

At the end of 2010 we were asked to get involved in extending the functionality to include Purchase Order Processing (POPS), with the intention of replacing the existing POPS system. The new POPS system went live in mid-2011.