Probably one of the biggest project we have been involved in to date has been the development of a sales & marketing system for Moat housing group.

Original Brief

The original brief was to provide a marketing database system to enable them to record and track all aspects of DIYSO/Shared Ownership applications from enquiry through to eventual sale completion.

The initial requirements were for a system that could:

  • Record & monitor advertising campaigns
  • Record details of shared ownership properties
  • Record applicant enquiries
  • Record all stages of the application process from enquiry through to sale completion/rejection
  • Record details of all correspondance received/sent to the applicant
  • Produce letter(s) as and when required (associated with application stage)
  • Produce reports/statistics as and when required (including ‘system prompts’)
  • Perform financial calculations/estimates
  • Interface with the Inhouse product as and when appropriate (including reporting)
  • Flexible & user-friendly


The system was originally written in Informix 4GL, then converted to 4Js, and subsequently rewritten for Genero (including full language features). Gary Pigott was responsible for all aspects of the design and development process, and initial user training.

The system now handles in excess of 15,000 shared ownership applications annually and has been extended to include affordability profiling, postcode recognition, full contact system for external entities, re-sales (vendor) management, development of a web application form (initially in Genero Web Client, this has since been converted to ASP), and creation of a Business Objects Universe for same.

The attached document (which was produced as a training review/discussion document) outlines the features of the system.

Sales and Marketing Training Notes