Affinity Sutton, like a large number of our customers, run the Inhouse housing management system.

Historically they have received tenant payments from a variety of sources (e.g. HB payments) and have manually posted these payments onto the system using the supplied remittance advice be it HB schedule, bank payments list etc.

This is time consuming, wasteful, and prone to error. A better way is to post the schedules automatically using Inhouse's inbuilt posting functionality, rs360, combined with suitable reformatting/validation programs that will convert the supplied input into a form ready for loading.

The program cyb09 does just that. It takes any input file and will convert it to the required format for loading onto Inhouse and using the rs360 load routines will automatically load the file ready for posting. The program includes validation, error trapping, and full audit trails and is flexible enough to support almost any input file format. 

The program has been running successfully at Affinity for several years and is a key part of their processing suite. 4Js and Genero versions of the program exists, and the program has been implemented at a number of additional customer sites including Nene and Bedfordshire Pilgrims.