To truly deliver solutions that meet our customers' needs it is essential that we fully understand their requirements. We always listen to our customers and get a full picture of what they want, so as to be able to develop solutions that fully meet their needs

What we do

We specialise in: software design & development, 4GL/4Js/Genero development, data conversions, database consolidations, system migrations, database administration, and training provision.

Technical Skills

We have a wide range of technical skills, including:

Web Design
ASP, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, CMS (Kirby, Drupal)
Web Tools
NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, SVN, Git
Informix 4GL, 4Js, Genero (GDC & GWC)
Operating Systems
Unix/Linux, shell scripting (ksh, sh, awk, vi)
Informix (SE & IDS), SQL Server, MySQL
Housing Systems
Civica (Inhouse, CTX, Contact Manager), Orchard, Aareon
Extensive data migration (and data cleansing) skills, Ace, Business Objects, COBOL, SCCS

Other Skills

It's not all about technical skills, some of our other skills include: analysis & design, report writing, user & technical training, and we have a strong business & finance background

If you would liketo find out more about what we do have a look at our Services, Skills, General Projects, and Web Projects pages.